12 reasons why Karachi University is Ranking Better

12 reasons why Karachi University is better than LUMS 

The University of Karachi or KU is a public research university located within the neighborhood of Gulshan-e-Iqbal of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It’s one of the earliest universities in Pakistan and rated among the top ten universities throughout the country with regard to the international standard, based on the Higher-Education Commission (HEC) in 2013.

In 2009, the university successfully entered its name in the QS World University Rankings for the top 500 universities in the whole world. Worlds distinguished, and prominent scholars are associated and affiliated with the university as faculty, researchers, or alumni since its institution.

The university offers a wide array of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and better than 19 world-class research institutes are under the university in all over Karachi. With an approximated of more than 80,000 pupils presently attending the university, the KU is the university with the biggest nationwide registration as well as the most popular university in Pakistan and abroad by the amount of applicants.

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The university is, in addition, a part of Association of Commonwealth Universities of the United Kingdom. The Karachi University holds a unique status in the nation’s educational process and is eminent reputation for conducting multi disciplinary research in science and technology, medical research, and social sciences.

As a respected research and reaching institution, the university is dedicated to intellectual leadership, and to excellence in both acquiring knowledge and communicating that knowledge to its pupils. The University of Karachi meets the dedications to keep knowledge through its educational and research programs for higher-degree instruction.

12 reasons why Karachi University is better than LUMS

A little of university rivalry is always on display at any given workplace, with those belonging to one institution drawn together in an alumni-brotherhood, whose only purpose at times would be to make fun of the inferiority of the other institutions duly represented among their coworkers. Suffice to say, the old our-frat-party-was-cooler-than-theirs-ever-could-be consistently makes for idle chit chat at the water dispenser or smoke room.
So, what occurs when you attempt to pit one of the very best business schools with the greatest university throughout the country.

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12 reasons why Karachi University is Ranking Better

1. The real estate

Karachi University has a primary campus which sprawls over 1,800 acres, a small town in itself. This real estate means that KU got two complete cricket fields, one Olympic sized football ground, a grass hockey field, squash and tennis courts. Understandably, most students do not wish to go into the fitness center after you walk a mean of 10 kilometers while on campus.

2. Faculty

Do you know why Karachi University gives you 10 fields to fill in your favored sectors of studies during admission? As you have a choice from 54 sections spread over nine faculties of arts, science, medicine, engineering, economics and computers. Compare this to the seven offered by LUMS over three faculties.

3. The food

Karachi University has a touch cuisine that has become renowned. The miniature samosas served directly out of the fryer in the university’s own food street ‘Prem Gali’, to the halwa puri and other lunch alternatives at Majeeday.

4. Amusement

There are several museums on campus at different sections, including Zoology, Geology, History, Sociology where uncommon artefacts and ethnic items are on display. Not to mention Karachi University has its own botanical gardens too.

5. We are literary – no really we’re

Karachi University places one of the largest libraries in Pakistan. Its central, Mehmood Hussain library has close to 350, 000 publications, including the personal collection of the Quaid, Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Additionally, each department maintains its own little library ensuring an abundance of prepared reading material for students and faculty members. And boundless explanation to sleep in peace. KU also holds one of the biggest book fairs in Pakistan during its annual book fair.

6. Our very own radio station

Leave that iPod at home when you come to KU. When on campus, you can tune into the on-campus radio FM 90.6 managed by students from the Mass Communication department. KU also has its very own printing press. We market our own.

7. You do not examine politics and international relations. You experience it

At Karachi University, there’s an emphasis on practical learning. From economics of managing expenses to learning politics first hand from the well-represented student wings of political parties. And yes, additionally, you will get occasional lessons in martial arts and self-defense during riots.
With students coming from a number of countries, you would be pushed into international relations with allied countries in a friendly surroundings of samosas and tea.

8. Research is our middle name

Karachi University has 21 research institutes, which conduct research on things, for example, molecular genetics to the stars in our galaxy. For this purpose, Karachi University has an electron microscope as well as a ground telescope.

9. KU still has the top business school in the country

For all of LUMS pandering and one claim to recognition that it is the finest business school in Pakistan. It forgets how Karachi University was and in contrast hosts the foremost business school in Pakistan, the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) currently headed by a former governor of State Bank, Dr Ishrat Hussain.

10. Alumnus and People

Since its establishment in 1951, the university has brought prominent scholars and renowned educationist as its faculty members, researchers, and associated scholars. Scholars and educationists such as I.H. Qureshi, Rafiuddin Raz, Mahmud Hussain, Saleemuzzaman Siddiqui, A.Q. Khan, Ishtiaq Qureshi, Raziuddin Siddiqui are few that have been affiliated with the association. The faculty was drawn not only from Pakistan but also comprised eminent educationists from the United Kingdom and the United States.

11. Registrar Office

CEO Pakistan Press Club Mohammad Imran Khan & Mr. Arman Ahmed, Deputy Registrar Settlement (Enrollment /Registration / Degree Section)

CEO Pakistan Press Club Mohammad Imran Khan & Mr. Arman Ahmed, Deputy Registrar Settlement (Enrollment /Registration / Degree Section)

DR. MOAZZAM ALI KHAN who is the registrar of Karachi University has earned a lot of respect in Teaching, Research and Administration and Playing the great role in capacity building of Registrar Office while Mr. Arman Ahmed, who is the Deputy Registrar Settlement (Enrollment /Registration / Degree Section) is trying truly hard to solve problems faced by students and rendering his services with Honesty.
I personally met Mr. Arman Ahmed for some student issues, and I was astonished that he was extremely kind with students and working to make things better for all.

12. The last reason why Karachi University is infinitely better than LUMS:

KU is in Karachi. Nuff said!
So next time you stand at the water cooler, and an LUMS graduate walk up, you know who honestly has bragging rights


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