Halfbike The Innovations in bike design

Halfbike The Innovations in bike design

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});Revolutions in bike design The Halfbike is just a tricycle, produced in Bulgaria, made to be ridden standing to be able to work muscles which are not used when driving a conventional bike. Leading wheel is driven by pedals as the back wheels pivot, and so the driver steers by leaning from side to side.Mihail Klenov, a co-creator of the Halfbike, explained that it’s taken sometime to build up the concept: it took us many years of changes and talks to obtain the current outcome and “I loved the concept greatly. We created several prototypes to determine the way the concept might be resulted in a functional model.”(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});The tricycle comes with an aluminum body and a plywood post steering system, meaning it weighs only 7.7 kg. It takes time to learn how to drive and costs around 600 pounds.In Lithuania, another strange bike is being developed by them. It’s called the Rubbee while offering individuals the opportunity to not pedal in any way! This lightweight digital camera could be mounted on any bike within one minute, and when it started up, individuals could allow the engine do the job. Gediminas Nemanis, the creator of the Rubbee, defined: since it doesn’t use stores, drives, devices, cogs, or gears.” “Rubbee is exclusive in its approach to moving power straight to the bike tyre The unit weighs 6.5 kg, reaches a high speed of 25 km/h, and costs around 900 pounds.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle [...]
Turning smog into diamonds

Turning smog into diamonds

Turning smog into diamonds Imagine a huge electronic vacuum cleaner that would simply suck in smog, cleaning up polluted city air. It’s still a small scale model for now, but Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde says he has reached an agreement with Beijing’s leaders to test his prototype in a city park next year.The park would have a vacuum tower in the centre, fitted with ionic filters that charge and remove smog particles, blowing fresh air out of the tower’s side vents. Copper coils buried underground would generate an electromagnetic field that attracts the smog particles. “By creating a field of ions, all the particles on the nano scale get positively charged, therefore when the ground is negatively charged, you can drag them to the ground, and purify the air – 75 percent, 80 percent more clean. The great thing about the technology is that is safe. It’s already being used in hospitals and it’s very energy-friendly, so to have 30,000 cubic metres of clean air purified, it only uses like 30 Watts, which is like a light bulb,” says Daan Roosegarde. And there are few cities in the world in need of cleaner air than Beijing. Decades of unrestrained growth have produced an air pollution crisis that city leaders have struggled to address. Roosegaarde says his technology would help by producing corridors of clean air that would allow the sunlight to shine through. The version he has planned for Beijing should have a cleaning diameter of about 50 metres which would produce results almost immediately, he says. And the artist wants to take his plan one step further. Rather [...]
SpaceX blasts off on trip to International Space Station

SpaceX to visit International Space Station

SpaceX blasts off on visit to International Space Station An unmanned Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral in Florida on Friday. It will provide a cargo capsule towards the International Space Station for NASA.The Monster supplement is full of materials, tests and equipment. It will reach the orbital outpost on Sunday. Last month SpaceX, or Space Exploration Technologies, was designed to fly, but delayed the mission to check on a possible problem with its bomb. An Air Force radar system became broken, further delaying the goal, while that has been solved.This is actually the next cargo work by Room X since NASA shuttles were retired in 2011. Friday’s launch was planned to try new technology to recover and recycle rockets. The organization thinks the check has significantly less than a 40 percent chance of success. There is no immediate word on if the test was successful. Ultimately, Area X desires to travel its Falcon rockets back again to property for recycling and repair.
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New Planet-sized world that may host life is found by researchers

Scientists find new Earth-sized planet that could host life Researchers have found there may be living on an Earth-like world in a remote solar-system. It’s the very first time this type of find has been made from a world that closely resembles our very own.Astronomer Thomas Barclay is area of the finding group that claimed within the journal Science this week. “While we may have discovered exactly the same size is that’sed by a world as Earth and gets an identical quantity of power as to the Planet gets, it orbits a really unique celebrity. Therefore, maybe in the place of an “Earth twin”, an “Earth Cousin.” was found by we’ve.The earth may be the correct length from its host star for water — if any exists — to become liquid at first glance, an ailment that researchers suspect is essential for a lifetime. The earth, referred to as Kepler-186f, is situated about 500 light-years away within the constellation Cygnus. It had been taken this past year from the Kepler space telescope that was sidelined with a placement system failure. Researchers don’t know something concerning the environment of Kepler-186f, however it is a goal for future telescopes that may check for telltale chemicals that may be associated with existence.
Festo's Bionic Kangaroo

Robots in future of biomimetics

A jumping robot shows the role of Biomimetics in the future of automation Named the ‘Bionic Kangaroo’, a shocking new software developed by German business Festo was recently revealed in Hanover. The robot’s jumping power is supplied by pneumatic actuators, which also act as shock-absorbers upon landing. It operates on rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries and electrical engines help it to manage its placement and keep stability.Weighing in just eight lbs, it may leap 40 centimetres high – that’s nearly half its peak. “We have (created) an Achilles tendon that will be like the one within the normal world. We are able to provide this power back for that next leap and with this Achilles tendon we’re ready to obtain power in the landing,” described Elias Knubben, head of Festo’s Corporate Bionic Tasks. Its designers claim they’re not looking their merchandise in the industry but managed to get like a device to exhibit the ability of biomimetics – the human-created method that mimics nature – and its own possibility of industrial robot. Additionally produced in Germany, the Kuka robotic arm is advanced enough to enjoy table-tennis in a professional-level.Its manufacturers examined accuracy and the robot’s pace in a match against German table-tennis champion Timo Boll. He thinks it’s only a question of time, although the machine’s efficiency remains weaker-than man’s with Boll earning 11 to 9: Reasoning and the real devices is perhaps not just like an individual, but perhaps as time goes by programs could be real rivals for all of US, [...]
Latest discoveries on birdsong

Latest discoveries on bird song

Groundbreaking discoveries on bird songs Scientists in the University of Buenos Aires expect that some bird species may help develop technology to synthesise speech for those who have lost the capability to communicate normally.They’ve made some revolutionary findings about the way there are several unexpected similarities between birdsong and human speech and how chickens create noise. By understanding the structure of birdsong, the group has generated statistical models of the aspects governing avian vocal areas.Gabriel Mindlin, a physicist in the University of Buenos Aires, defined: “The birds make use of a vocal device that’s called a syrinx; when air moves through these top-like passageways they start to oscillate the same as human vocal chords do, so if one studies the science of how bird song is created it may hold clues about how human speech is done. If one uses the mathematical equations that govern the conduct of these passageways on the processor, you should use the concept is this acts as a model for the development of the human voice synthesizer.”; and also these equations to create a vocal synthesizer for birds The research, recently released in science journal Nature, demonstrated how performing is coordinated by songbird’s minds with complex time: others are synced with current looks, though some nerves make to create sounds. The decoding of the neural representation of conversation may also reveal speech problems like stuttering or aphasia, a problem caused by a stroke.
ll of the flowers on our world continue to be a mystery to science, to some large degree because the chemical structure of all species never been fully analysed

stop aging with flower power

May be we can stop aging with the help of flowers Not necessarily, but atleast we are able to attempt to seem like we did! Molecular biologist Marianna Ralli who handles technology at KORRES describes what researchers can do about this with flower-power and what goes on to the skin with aging. All of the flowers on our world continue to be a mystery to science, to some large degree because the chemical structure of all species never been fully analysed.Researchers have now been studying plants for several generations, but there’s still too much to learn. In Athens, scientists want to solve the strange qualities of plants. Nearly 2,000 plant species have now been collected worldwide included in an European research study, in the South Pacific, Africa, Latin America, as well as in the Mediterranean.Greece will be the perfect place for such study, based on Nikolas Fokialakis, a researcher in the School of Pharmacy, University of Athens: “Greece, and particularly its Mediterranean basin, is among the global biodiversity hotspots. Plenty of flowers listed here are unique and endemic. Therefore we gather plants to review them-and to locate any ingredients they may contain.” Researchers identify specific compounds from plant ingredients, searching for biologically active substances that would be useful in cosmetics, as Dimitris Kletsas, a specialist in cell aging in the Start of Biology, NCSR, defined: “One of what causes aging in skin tissues is contact with challenges – like ultraviolet light, for instance. ‘If we are able to find substances that protect cells [...]
total lunar eclipse,red moon

View full lunar eclipse in April

Watch total lunar eclipse in April What can cause the moon to show red as blood? On April 15, a complete lunar eclipse will occur, the very first in two 5 years.This unusual celestial display is going to be visible on Tuesday as Earth’s darkness falls over the moon, moving its color from bright red to brown and blood-red, based on environment conditions. “The Moon’s orbital trajectory takes it through the southern half Earth’s umbral shadow,” describes NASA, “although the eclipse isn’t main, the sum total cycle still continues 78 minutes.” It is possible to follow the sum total lunar eclipse live online via several webcasts. The scientific breakthrough of astronomy which have analyzed the behavior of the moon, reports the environment (that is the ethical atmosphere, the evil or divine presence which has gases and emotional feelings) which encompasses and controls the earthly environment within the Planet, appears to be affecting the look of the moon by turning the moon into a soft red moon. Once the sun light that originates from sunlight light undergoes the environment of Our Planet, they appear to bring together the surroundings of gases, oxygen, carbon-dioxide that individuals breathing out, feelings, and also the pollution of our planet to the environment of the moon, so when it reaches the moon, then the look of the moon becomes blood (red moon)
Israel launches spy satellite to boost information gathering on Iran

Spy Satellite Launched by Israel

Israel Launches New Spy Satellite Israel launches spy satellite to enhance information-gathering on Iran. A military spy satellite has jumped to the atmosphere from an Israeli air force test selection.Defense officials have said before it’s targeted at improving the country’s intelligence gathering functions within the face of Iran’s nuclear program. It’s stated it’ll also spy on Iranian support for militant groups in neighbouring Arab countries.It’s the tenth these satellite sent into orbit by Israel. The final one premiered four years back. (JERUSALEM) — Israel’s Defense Ministry said on Thursday that it’s successfully introduced a brand new observation satellite into orbit, the one that is likely to be utilized to see Iran and aggressive militant groups within the Middle East. Based on the statement, the Israeli-built “Ofek 10? satellite was launched late Wednesday in cooperation with state-owned Israel Aerospace Sectors. The satellite has begun sending graphic content and information. It’s likely to be working within weeks. Israel is likely to make use of the satellite to monitor the area as well as Iran. It thinks Iran is attempting to build up a nuclear weapon — a charge Iran denies — and accuses it of arming militants over the area. The Ofek 10 will be the latest in a type of spy satellites built by Israel Aerospace Companies for the federal government. It’s a lightweight satellite that’s likely to enhance Israel’s reconnaissance capabilities by giving sharp images anytime of day, as well as in any weather [...]
Put on your thinking cap

Be ready to get your thinking cap on

Put on your thinking cap The old saying ‘get your thinking cap on’ may not be too much off the mark. Researchers at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, have discovered that the person’s capability to understand could be improved by wearing headgear that delivers mild electric current for the brain. After undergoing 20 minutes of transcranial stimulation, participants received a learning process that involved deciding which links on the game controller matched particular colors. Scientists realized that subjects learned from their mistakes faster than without electric current passing through their brain and made fewer mistakes.Among the study’s co-writers, Geoffrey Woodman, explained the result was plain to view about the electroencephalogram, with “successful rate definitely better than that seen in studies of drugs or other forms of mental treatment”. His friend Robert Reinhart, who direct the research, said: “What we discovered, that will be so fascinating, is the fact that whenever we up-regulate this unique brain activity we are able to make volunteers more precise when doing an activity, more cautious, careful, less bold. So that they make an error and following the error is clearly slower and more accurate.”how they react The limit used to deliver energy for the brain is just a traditional implement usually employed for EEGs, tests designed to use a digital monitoring system to measure electrical activity within the brain. “It just feels like a little irritation or tingling feeling, which is doesn’t hurt and really small. It [...]