Iqbal says Islamabad operation launched, stopped by local administration on IHC orders

Iqbal says Faizabad operation launched, stopped by local

administration on IHC orders

Pakistan Press News Desk – Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal cleared on Sunday that the decision to launch the operation against the Faizabad sit-in was made by the local administration in light of Islamabad High Court orders.

Speaking on Geo News program, the interior minister said it was also the administration’s decision to halt the Faizabad operation headed by local administration and Inspector General of Police Islamabad.

He said that a strict action be taken if fraudulence is proved in the investigation.

He said that he was not ordered to launch the operation.

 Ahsan Iqbal

Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal

After reports of casualties, the local administration had decided to halt the operation; Iqbal said when asked reason of stopping action against protesters.

He added that the police and FC had been directed to carry out the operation in daytime.

The minister also blamed media coverage of the crackdown on protesters for arrival of a large number of dharna supporters from Rawalpindi.

Defending the law minister, Iqbal said that one person could not be held responsible for a bill that had been drafted by a committee comprising parliamentarians.

He said that the government was in contact with the Ulema to resolve the issue.

Some elements having political intentions intend to destabilise the government but we have to shun our differences and hate, the minister maintained.


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