Government don’t want accountability law: Imran Khan

Government don’t want accountability law: Imran Khan

 Government trying to dilute accountability law: Imran Khan

Pakistan Press Club – ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan on Tuesday said the PML-N government was seeking to dilute the prevailing accountability law to save corrupt people.


In his twitter account, he said: “In addition to strict enforcement of anti-corruption laws, in other societies there is also the fear of social boycott of the corrupt, but in Pakistan our ruling elite embraces and seeks to protect those who steal public money to fill their family coffers overseas.”

Through another tweet, he compared how China deals with corruption and tweeted, “How China deals with their corrupt in contrast to how our ruling elite protects those who rob the public.” He said it was the first time that a high court and even the Supreme Court of Pakistan had praised the police.


In his twitter account, he tweeted: “First ever report in yrs where any HC or the SC has praised police: PHC commends IGP KP & KP police for its handling of the DIK girl abuse case. This should put an end to the shameful exploitation of a sensitive issue by PTI’s opponents & opportunists.”