Top word games for Android

Top word games for Android

Best word games for Android Phones

Twist your tongue with these great word games for Android.

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We’ve rounded up the best Android word games you’ll find in the Google Play Store. These will test your puzzle-solving skills, trivia knowledge, and sheer reflexes. Quite a few have in-app purchases, but still offer plenty of free content on their own.

Ready to start working with letters? Check out our list of the best Android word games!

Words With Friends 2

Words With Friends is one of those classic games that practically everyone has played, so it only makes sense that, eventually, a sequel would be released.

So what’s new with Words With Friends 2? Zynga has completely redesigned the look and feel of the game while also adding a bunch of cool new game modes. There’s Solo Challenge which pits you against iconic literary figures controlled by the CPU, from Jane Austen to the master wordsmith himself William Shakespeare. Then there’s Lightning Round which is a team-based mode where it’s a race to get to 750 points. Each member of your team starts with their own board and you swap and add words to each other’s board as fast as you can. Both of these modes seem to address the biggest gripe with the original game — waiting for your friend to finally play a word.

Best word games for Android
Best word games for Android Phones

Its a substantial update to a beloved game that’ll likely lead to a whole bunch of Facebook invitations to play from friends and family, and does good work to further differentiate Words With Friends from Scrabble.


Wordament is an online-only multiplayer game that lets you compete against other spellers across the globe. Swipe to connect letters diagonally, horizontally, and vertically in order to score points based on a word’s rarity, determined by how often the word is found by the player-base. You can rotate the board to better see combination options, but the placement of letters does not change in relation to other letters.


Add an Xbox or Facebook account in order to keep track of your friends and progress as you move up the leaderboard. Ads are minimal — a refreshing for many gamers.


Heads Up!

Heads Up! is a really fun local multiplayer trivia game. One player holds a phone or tablet to their head showing a word, and a teammate gives hints as to what the word is (without saying it specifically, of course). A quick flip down of the device brings up a fresh word when guessed right, while a flip-up is a pass. After it’s all done, you can watch a video replay taken from the device’s front-facing camera and share it out with friends. There are six themed packs available out of the gate, and plenty more through in-app purchases of about a buck a pop.

You definitely need to give Heads Up! a try if you’ve been looking for something easy to play at parties.


4 Pics 1 Word


How good are you at word association? Put your brain to the test to find the right word in 4 Pics 1 Word.

This game gives your four pictures that are all connected by a common word. Can you figure it out? This is a great casual game that starts out pretty easy but gets progressively more difficult as you reach the higher levels. There are literally thousands of levels to play so you’re never going to run out of puzzles. It’s a great game to play by yourself or with a small group of friends. It gets your brain going — and is also filled with ads. But it’s free!


Snap Attack

SnapAttack is the classic Scrabble game with a twist. Instead of taking turns against opponents creating words one at a time, SnapAttack gives you 2.5 minutes, 7 letter tiles, and a board with two words already on it. Your job is to place the letter tiles on the board as words and rearrange them as many times as possible before your time is up. SnapAttack rewards points the same way as Scrabble: tiles are assigned a number, and the board has score multipliers in the form of double- or triple-word and letter scores.


Work your way up the global leaderboard by creating as many words as possible during each round. A new round will automatically begin, so expect to lose track of time. There doesn’t seem to be any ads in this game, a nice change from the norm.

Wheel of Fortune Free Play

The classic word-guessing game show is available for mobile in the form of Wheel of Fortune Free Play. Featuring slick graphics and Pat Sajak himself, Wheel of Fortune Free Play is the official game of the beloved game show. Spin the wheel and solve the word puzzles, and then see if you can win the bonus round


You’ll have to play for a while to level up and unlock new modes like head-to-head and Vanna’s Showcase, and there are daily bonus rewards to keep you playing. If you love Wheel Of Fortune, you’ll love the mobile game.

Your favorite word game?

Let us know in the comments below if we missed any of your favorite word games! If you’d like to see more great Android games.