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‘India-US Relations’: India reluctant to open up army communications to Washington because of Pakistan

India reluctant to open up military communications to Washington because of Pakistan   (Pakistan Press  Club) NEW DELHI: Military officials in New Delhi said that India is reluctant to sign Communication and Information Security Memorandum of Agreement (CISMOA) with the United States because of its concern that Washington can listen in on military operations where both countries’ interests may not coincide— such as against arch-rival Pakistan.   The agreement is part of the Trump administration’s new policy towards India which called for a “free, open and thriving Indo-Pacific”.   Describing the Indian and Pacific Oceans as a “single strategic arena”, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson described India and the United States as regional “bookends”.   Captain Gurpreet Khurana, executive director at the government-funded National Maritime Foundation, told Reuters that India’s underlying concern was having its autonomy constrained by binding its military into US codes and operating procedures.Once, the Americans proposed a portable “suitcase” communications system called the CENTRIXS which could transmit full situational awareness data to Indian ships while the two navies practised together. India refused to allow it to be plugged in for the duration of the exercise, citing operational security, according to an Indian source briefed on the planning of the exercises.   Even the joint air exercises that the two countries are conducting as a follow-on to Malabar are severely restricted, the source said.   India sends its Russian-acquired [...]
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Nawaz Sharif appear before court in corruption trial

Nawaz Sharif appear before court in corruption trial ‘Mockery of justice should be stopped’: Nawaz Sharif,  appear before court in corruption trial (Pakistan Press  Club) Ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif, his daughter Maryam Nawaz and son-in-law retired captain Muhammad Safdar Pakistan Press Clubeared before an accountability court in Islamabad on Wednesday as trial resumed into the corruption references filed against them by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). A number of senior PML-N leaders were present at the court to welcome Sharif.Accountability Judge Mohammad Bashir had last week granted Sharif a seven-day exemption from personal Pakistan Press Clubearance while his daughter Maryam was exempted for a month. However, the duo Pakistan Press Clubeared before the court today due to a change in their plans. The exemption was gran­ted on the grounds that both wanted to see the ailing Kulsoom Nawaz, who is undergoing treatment in the UK, as well as security reasons. Maryam and Nawaz have now filed an Pakistan Press Clublication in the court requesting a change in the exemption period, seeking to be absent from December 5 to January 5, 2018. A decision on the exemption will be taken after the lawyers end their arguments. The Sharif family members left the court after two prosecution witnesses recorded their statements. Four new witnesses testify NAB prosecution presented four new witnesses against the Sharifs today. Mohammad Rasheed, Mazhar Raza Khan Bangash — who belongs to RIAA Barker Gillette law firm — Chaudhry Sugar Mills CFO Sahbaz Haider Chaudhry [...]

DRAP high-up’s willful failure to obey Supreme Court orders is clearly contempt of court

DRAP high-up’s willful failure to obey Supreme Court orders is clearly contempt of court By: Yasir Khan – Health Reporter – Islamabad ISLAMABAD: On the order of the Supreme Court, the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) has started the process of appointments in the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) by advertising 192 posts. DRAP advertised for the posts three times but failed to finalize any appointment except CEO. In the wake of media reports on conflicts of interest in medicine industry, health regulator DRAP is facing increasing pressure from government agencies and non-government watchdog groups to manage, reduce and eliminate conflicts that could lead to bias in patient care and research. This article will review recent efforts to increase transparency in relationships between health regulator DRAP and the pharmaceutical, herbal and device industries, and discuss some of the challenges facing DRAP in identifying and reporting conflicts of interest (COIs). A bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Nasirul Mulk closed a lengthy suo motu hearing on the tangled affairs of DRAP on April 9, 2015 and directed the authorities to appoint “permanent directors” in its 13 directorates within 15 days. DRAP has 14 directorates and only few permanent directors to run them. Furthermore, most of the directors are appointed against prescribed criteria, which are written in DRAP service rules. One year gone but still Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan’s High-ups are not ready to accept the orders of the honorable Supreme court & DRAP high-up’s [...]